I love cocoa.  It is my favourite hot beverage.

Hot chocolate is so popular out and about, but it is usually made so sweetly.  Even the few cafes I have found that serve cocoa serve it sweetened.

I have to admit, that I love that proper, rich, European hot chocolate; or a spiced, Mexican-style one; but not that awful, sweet stuff you generally get.

The secret to a decent cocoa is to cook the cocoa powder.  Now, as I am sure you know, the only way to make a warm milk drink is on the stove.  Microwaving changes the constitution and the flavour of the milk (ick).  And normally you would warm the milk until it just started to bubble around the edge of your milk saucepan, never actually let it boil.  However, with cocoa, you must boil the milk with the cocoa powder stirred through.  This will rid the drink of the raw, bitterness of cocoa powder.

And if you really would like something a little different, don’t forget to add a pinch of mixed spice, or cinnamon or nutmeg.  Mmmhmm.

Aaah.  I think it might be time to visit the kitchen.



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