Household Notebook

Have you heard about these?  If you are not domestically inclined, than possibly not, but a quick search will turn up many for you.  Well, I am building one.

Most of the blogs you will find discussing these are written by people with some sort of handle on running the household, or showing their finished products.  I thought it would be more interesting to discuss my journey.

So what is a household notebook?

It is basically a file or a book, readily available for referencing, that holds the heartbeat of the household…  all the appointments and notes, as well as schedules, meal plans, shopping lists, emergency numbers etc.

Mine will contain some of this stuff.  At the moment we have other systems in place for other things.  First things first, and I don’t want this to become too cumbersome.

Why a household notebook?

Have you ever tried running a household?  With three men of different ages, and different personalities, but each equally sure that they are the Alpha Male?  Time to reclaim.

So…. where are you up to, Nash?

*ahem*  *blush*  Funny you should mention that  *nervous giggle*  Not very far, really.  I have a binder.  It is covered in spotty paper and contact.  I have some subject dividers.  I have sheet protectors.  I have a thousand print-outs to read through…

Well, what is your next step?

You mean apart from reviewing all the print outs, I assume? 

I am working on the daily routines at the moment.  I am not very good at this.  I get worn out and overwhelmed and discouraged, but I have a new weapon in my arsenal.

When beginning meal planning, I would write-up my menu and feel terrible if I ever deviated from it.  Then I added a second page to it called, “What we actually ate”.  This way I could review at the end of each week and see what really was working in our family and what was not.

I intend to work on the routines in a similar manner;  keeping a list of, “what we did, when” and working that into revised routines.  We will see!

I also have some lists of weekly chores for Home Blessings, involving deep(er!) cleaning of the whole house, along with decluttering tasks.  I am  not even going to pretend that I will do a good job of these, but they will be in as my tasks for the time being.

Wish me luck!


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