I find it difficult to spend as much time as I would like doing things with my 18mo like working in the kitchen as my 3.5 Possum loves to join in- and pretty much takes over.  So tonight I was delighted when Chicken found me in the kitchen during his big brother’s bath. 

He has a real fascination with the dishwasher – he points at it and says, “no” as I am forever trying to keep him from unpacking icky plates.  However, tonight, I needed to unpack the cutlery basket, so, having removed all the knives, I stood him on a chair and the cutlery drawer and explained what to do.

Well wasn’t he chuffed with himself!  And wasn’t that just so much fun?  In fact, it was so much fun that once he had finished the job and the cutlery basket was returned to the dishwasher, it was then necessary to unpack the cutlery drawer into it.

We then moved on to washing up.  I went with our tried and true method.  Mummy washes in the hot water, my assistant rinses in cold (I fill the second sink) and pops things in the draining rack.  Hmm.  Seems I forgot about the mess involved in teaching this task to an 18mo!  So much water everywhere!  Ah well, it was an opportunity to mop the floor.

(I had also forgotten why I only ever did this with my elder son when Daddy was at work, too.  DH finds the mess a little harder to cope with than me )


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