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Tot School Activity

August 21, 2010

So have you read any of those Tot School posts? There are some fantastic ideas in there, but I often wonder how those Mums find the time or get their kids to sit still for more than two seconds!

Anyway, I love Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and I love checking out the adventures of her Ladybug. Ladybug seems to love putting things into and out of containers at the moment (hey, what littlie doesn’t?) but actually setting up a structured activity and getting Chicken to do it is beyond me.

So he has done it for himself! (Is he reading blogs when I’m not looking??)

Both my boys LOVE pom poms. I mean, seriously, I am thinking about finding a locking container to keep them in! Anyway, after the latest raid on my supplies this week (Can they sniff them out? They were well hidden…) I have discovered this:

Yup. My boys, who love the sparkly pink pom poms the best, just love transferring them from “container” to “container” like those other Tot School kids. However the containers of choice around here are the various tip trucks, utes, diggers and of course, the favourite, the “Pom Pom Train” as they have called this one.

Matching Game

August 21, 2010

Possum is 4 years 3 months

Chicken is 2 years 1 month


Here is a simple game that my sister made years ago.

She made it cutting pictures from wrapping paper.

There are several “playing boards” and just enough individual cards to match up to them. It can be played as a lotto game, or as a memory game, or, as my boys like to do, a matching game.

Here is Possum (4 years, 3 months):

And of course, anything Big Brother does, I like to do, too. So here is Chicken (2 years 1 month) having a turn (not quite the same attention span, but he had lots of fun.)

Week 2

August 21, 2010

Possum is 4 years 3 months

Chicken is 2 years 1 month

This week was week 2 of our Homeschool. I have to admit, it did not inspire as much as week 1, but that might have also had something to do with the unseasonably warm weather which meant the boys had More Important Things To Do than read books with Mummy.

Our “text book” this week was “10 Juicy Vegetables” by Julie Radford.

Possum loved the rhyme and the numbers, but actually trying to remember the veges and animals was a bit dull for him. Chicken was just fixated on Rabbit and Crow – my poor little felt crow had a rather large explore of our front yard!

We also played this game. The boys needed to match the number of worms to the number of holes in the apples. I naively thought that using lolly worms would make the game for appealing, so I bought these little fellows. More appealing, yes. Possible to play the game more than once, no. Let’s just say, I now know why these are one of Chicken’s favourite treats!

Possum recently told me all the things he likes about preschool. (“I love going to school, Mummy!” initiated this conversation. Much prompting on my behalf resulted in the following list.)

  • colouring
  • painting
  • drawing
  • colouring
  • crayons
  • Hmmm. Seems he really is pretty passionate about craft, huh? We had cut back on it a lot here since Chicken began to move – he is not quite the perfectionist his brother is, and Possum goes into palpitations when the paints get mixed etc.

    However, we made some caterpillars/bugs/critters this week.

    I was going to adorn them with pipecleaner legs and antennae when the paint dried, but given the amount of mess we had already made, I thought they were cute enough. The boys were lifted straight from the backyard into the bath-tub (for more fun)!

    I had more ideas for this week, but the interest level wasn’t quite there for them. I love that there is no pressure with this, that I can follow the boys lead and see where we end up. Another week we may cover more stuff than planned, but this week it was about enjoying that nearly-Spring sunshine.

    First Day of Homeschool

    August 9, 2010

    Possum is 4 years and 3 months

    Chicken is 2 years and 1 month

    We finally did it! After (too) much planning, I finally bit the bullet and started homeschool today. The boys loved it!

    For an update, Possum is now 4 and 3 months (he goes to preschool one day a week) and Chicken is 2 and 1 month.

    We are doing a garden “unit study” based on a different book each week. This week our “text book” is “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson.
    "The Carrot Seed"

    Most of my ideas have come from these websites:
    Adventures for Toddlers Curriculum by the Arkansas Government
    Homeschool Share
    and from the book, “Before Five In A Row”

    So these were my materials today:

    This is my classroom:

    The boys had a great time with the carrots, and were very excited to discover that the leaves were the same size as the baby carrots growing in our Square Foot Garden vege patch. I had thought that the carrots would last a few days and had planned on cooking them for dinner on Wednesday, but they were all eaten by my “bunnies” before lunch time today!

    A big THANK YOU to Carisa at 1+1+1=1″
    for inspiring me to give this a go.