Tot School Activity

So have you read any of those Tot School posts? There are some fantastic ideas in there, but I often wonder how those Mums find the time or get their kids to sit still for more than two seconds!

Anyway, I love Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and I love checking out the adventures of her Ladybug. Ladybug seems to love putting things into and out of containers at the moment (hey, what littlie doesn’t?) but actually setting up a structured activity and getting Chicken to do it is beyond me.

So he has done it for himself! (Is he reading blogs when I’m not looking??)

Both my boys LOVE pom poms. I mean, seriously, I am thinking about finding a locking container to keep them in! Anyway, after the latest raid on my supplies this week (Can they sniff them out? They were well hidden…) I have discovered this:

Yup. My boys, who love the sparkly pink pom poms the best, just love transferring them from “container” to “container” like those other Tot School kids. However the containers of choice around here are the various tip trucks, utes, diggers and of course, the favourite, the “Pom Pom Train” as they have called this one.


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