Possum is 4 years 4 months

Chicken is 2 years 2 months

My, my.  Possum is surprising us again.

We always new that he loved numbers and that he is quite cluey on arithmetical concepts.  His preschool teacher said to us,

“You know he is good with numbers, don’t you?”

“Yes”, we said.

“No, I mean he is really good with numbers.”

“Yes”, we said.  After all, we both have maths minors…

Well, all of a sudden he is writing his name.  And his brother’s name.  Hang on – they are each seven letters long!  And he is completely fascinated with the alphabet and with the sounds letters make.  Everywhere there is writing (so that is basically everywhere) he is recognising letters.  Oh my!

We hadn’t encouraged this as he seemed to show no interest (unlike numbers, which he has always loved), and we don’t want him to be bored when they are learning all this stuff at school, but boom!  out of nowhere, here it is.

He realised this morning that these floor tiles (which had been packed away) are letters.  Oh, he has had so much fun with them!

(and with a little help from Chicken!)


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