Name Change!!

My little Chicken is Chicken no more.  He has informed me that he is, “Mummy’s Little Bandicoot”.

We have had a wild bandicoot visiting our yard in the evenings, and he is enraptured by it.  We find lots of evidence on different days, including holes in the grass and ‘coot poo.  Some nights we even get to watch it play and forage if we are outside (my camera is not good enough to get photos, but Oh! how I have tried.)

Anyway, I am happy to have too little indigenous animals to represent my boys, especially as both species are visitors to our yard.  Not sure what we will call our new bubby when she arrives, ‘though – Magpie?  Sulphur Crested Cockie? Flying Fox? Butcher Bird?  Don’t have the same ring, do they?


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