Stone Soup

Possum is 4 years 4 months

Bandicoot is 2 years 2 months

Today we tried a different technique for story-telling.  Instead of reading a book, I told the boys the story, “Stone Soup“.

It was hard going.  It was one of those short attention span days.

We acted out the story, too, using wooden and material vegetables.  The wooden veges needed to be chopped before going in the saucepans, so that was lots of fun.

We also discussed what would happen if you made a soup with only a stone in it.  Would it have any taste?  I had actually sterilised some stones so that we could cook them up, but it really wasn’t soup-eating-weather.

Post Script 2 months later:

I had thought that the boys were not that interested in this week’s activities, but I have caught them playing “Stone Soup”, including the retelling of the story many, many times since then.  Just goes to show you, they might not LOOK like they are listening…


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