Down to the River they did go, Wibble Wobble to and fro’

Possum is 4 years 4 months

Bandicoot is 2 years 2 months

We are really blessed where we live.  We have a number of National Parks nearby.  This park lies enroute between our home and DH’s office (and many other places), so we often drive past it.

(Yes, Bandicoot is blurry in this picture.  You should see the ones I did not upload.  Keeping still is NOT his forte.)

On this particular day we chose to play in a grassed picnic area near one of the creeks.  The boys had great fun, running around and exploring.  (And dare I say it?  Dropping rocks in the water!)

Just before it was time for us to leave a family of ducks came swimming up the river.  Have a look at the size of this!

I couldn’t believe it.  22 ducklings!  That poor Mummy and Daddy duck.  They looked quite young, so this is possibly their first season as parents, but I was so impressed with the way they watched them and herded them, making sure no one was left behind.  Then they took turns in being sentinel each while the other ate.  Really an inspiration.

They boys – both duck mad – loved watching them, even if they didn’t grasp the amazing size of the family.


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