My Naturalistes – pic heavy

Possum is 4 years 5 months

Bandicoot is 2 years 3 months

Now we didn’t spend the entire two weeks inside doing activities.  Despite the rain (and lack of rain-coats, but there you go), we did manage to get out and about quite a bit.  I always love exploring at the beach, and it is even more fun seeing it through the fresh eyes of a child to whom so much is new, or is just connecting with other bits of information locked in their heads.

(Actually, that is something I find really fascinating about Possum at the moment.  He loves learning knew things, but it is really special when he ponders it and then gets that spark as he connects something new with something he already knows and then can come up with his own theories and ideas.)

It is also great fun to delve back into the cobwebbed recesses of our brains when we find something that we knew as kids and haven’t thought about much, since.  There were plenty of opportunities for this, too.

For example – these funny things growing on the rocks.  (We can’t remember or find the name of them – if you know, please tell me!)  When the waves go over the rocks, they drink in the water.  Once they have passed they shoot it out again!

DH remembered these from his boyhood and enjoyed teaching the boys how to squeeze them to make them fire.

I was much more excited to find these:

These are where sandcrabs have dug to make their homes beneath the surface.  As a toddler I used to love sticking my toes down the holes and seeing if I could get a nip.  Bandicoot thought that was hilarious fun; Possum thought we were both a bit crazy.  Look at those perfectly rolled balls of sand.

Possum was far more intrigued with all the varieties of seaweed and seaplants that we found.  He hadn’t realised that there were multiple kinds.  He was less impressed that I wouldn’t let him keep all his samples.

Bandicoot surprised me by preferring to hunt for shells.  The prettier, the pinker or the purpler the better!

Sandpools and rockpools…

One day there were lots of jelly fish washed up on the beach…

Bloodworms or crabs…

Pine nuts, anyone?  This was the ground cover between the Norfolk Pines.  We collected some of the nuts and peeled back the layers to see where pine nuts come from.

A grevillia from the yard where we were staying.

Remember all that rain we mentioned?  Well the place we stayed during the second week was right on the river mouth.  When we arrived, the beaches were thick with foam from the mixture of fresh and sea water.

Patterns in the sand from the waves.  

Beachcombing with Daddy.


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