Some other beachside activities – pic heavy

Possum is 4 years 5 months

Bandicoot is 2 years 3 months

There were so many other things to do, too.  Like:

Dancing in the lagoon with Aunty M… all the way to the shore.  (It was really freezing cold that day!)

Or a Mexican Fiesta for dinner.

Snuggly stories with Nana

Bike riding, of course.

How about a big walk up to a lighthouse?

A bit tough at the end of a long day at the beach.  Still this bloke seemed to manage it quite well:

And he kindly left some scats for us to examine.  Nothing like a bit of poo to intrigue the boys!

This lighthouse was much easier to get to.  We even got to check it out at night-time.

Possum caught an eel!  They are supposed to be good eating, but I really don’t like eel and I wasn’t about to gut it *blush* so he got thrown back in.  Pretty exciting stuff, ‘though!

And what is better than playing in the dirt with your diggers while waiting for for your salt and pepper calamari?  Well, when a real one gets to work across the road!

Fish and chips on the beach for dinner.  The seagulls got the leftovers.

Mummy and Daddy even got to go out to dinner one night, all by themselves.  We have only been out about five times in the last five years, so this was a real treat.  The boys refused to go to bed, but they did go to sleep.  They left us pictures and “ice-creams” for when we got home.

Aaah!  A great Australian Icon.  I am a sucker for “Big” things.

Actually, the Big Banana has lots of information about how bananas grow.  The boys found it very interesting to see pictures of the trees and flowers.  They then had lots of fun spotting them as we drove past the plantations that line the highway here-abouts.

And there weren’t too many complaints about the giant banana flavoured ice-creams, either!

We also stopped to visit some friends who live on a giant bush property in the hinterland.  This is there yard!  Their “farming” is natural bush regeneration.  The boys had a fantastic time with their girls.


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