The Enormous Potato

Possum is 4 years 5 months

Bandicoot is 2 years 3 months

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Back home and back to our garden studies.  Our next book was "The Enormous Potato" by Aubrey Davis.  It is a take on the classic Russian tale, "The Enormous Turnip" by Alexei Tolstoy, however, I thought as potato eaters and potato growers, my boys might like this version more.

I was right.  They love it and it is an oft requested book around here, now.

Here they are snuggling with Daddy, having it as a bedtime story.

One of the things I wanted to show the boys was the versatility of potatoes, especially in our culture.  I had planned out many different ways of eating them, pretty much a week of lunches and dinners (and none of them mash, as Possum just loathes mashed potato.)  At first I started taking pictures of the meals, then I just prepared them, and then I gave up and served rice because I couldn’t face another potato!

Hash Browns Potato Rosti

French Fries

We also included wedges, potato gems, baked potatoes (in and out of jackets), gnocchi, janssen’s potato bake, boiled spuds, potato birds’ nests and  potato pizza.  Can’t understand why it seemed like an overload of potatoes, can you?

However, even after all that, whenever we read the book, I still feel like eating them!

We also did some potato stamping.  Possum, ever the colour and texture man, really wasn’t interested in the results of stamping with the potatoes – or at least not leaving that as the finished product.  He would do that.  Admire it, then use the potato to smear and mix the paint in various ways.

It was really great that we had had the potato plants in our vege patch.  The boys loved comparing how they grew to the one in the story.  It was also a timely reminder about the difference between "seeds" and "eyes" and how different plants grow.  It meant a lot more to them now than when we planted the potatoes.

We tried this experiment:

but I think that I expected too much from it.  The idea is that the potato eyes begin to shoot roots and leaves also grow.  After some time, the roots did appear and some tiny, tiny (think itty bitty) leaf buds.  Then the potato just went rotten (poo-ey!).  DH pointed out I could have just left a potato in a cupboard if I wanted to demonstrate the eyes sprouting.  Hmmm.

And we made these mini-books.  I went for the finger painting option (will I never learn?) which of course descended quite quickly into a sticky, painty mess.  At least they had fun!  They also enjoyed singing the song.


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