Handa’s Surprise

Possum is 4 years and 6 months

Bandicoot is 2 years and 4 months

The next book we read in our garden series was another Handa book.  It isn’t exactly a gardening book, but it is all about fruit.

In this book, Handa takes a basket of fruit as a gift to her friend Akeyo.  There are various goings-on around her on the way, involving many local animals, all told in the pictures.  Needless to say, when she reaches Akeyo’s village there is a surprise for both of them.

This got us talking about fruit.  We also went a little crazy in the fruit and vegetable department so that we could come home and try all sorts of different fruit.  It was delicious and the boys had a great time eating it all.

We also dug out the wooden fruit and veges to play with again.  It surprises me how much fun they continue to have with them.  They are also very impressed with the felt strawberrries I made.

And we revisited these books again:

"Flowers" "Vegetables" "Fruit"

I cannot praise them highly enough.  The boys love them and they have learnt so much from them.  They are definitely firm favourites here.

Now what could we possibly do for a craft activity?  Hmm.  Boys who love mess…  boys who love paint…  Ah!  I know!  Fruit stamping!

Bandicoot could not get enough of this.  He kept making more and more beautiful pictures.  Once he realised he could stamp and leave an impression on the paper he was hooked.  The colours completely appealed to him as well.  He just kept climbing back up to the (outside) table and doing more.

And as for Possum… well he really isn’t into stamping, but he loved the effect of the fruit juice mixing with the paint.  He really is a whole lot more into colour and texture than form.

We also worked on these dot painting sheets.  We didn’t get through them all, but the boys had fun with the ones that they did.  (They are not so keen on such prescribed activities, especially when it comes to artwork.)  Still, paint is paint!


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