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Christmas Trees!

December 1, 2010

Possum is 4 years and 7 months

Bandicoot is 2 years and 5 months

2nd December 2010

With the problems I am having with my pregnancy, homeschooling is quite hard to execute at the moment.  I am taking advantage of little bits of time, instead of solid blocks which actually is starting to work quite nicely.

Today we did "Cafe Activities".  My DH loves going to cafes, and has managed to train the rest of us similarly.  We had a routine where we would drive him to work on Thursday mornings, and stop at a cafe on the way for breakfast.  As he is now working from home on Thursdays, this isn’t working quite the way it was!

So today we took a morning tea break, and out of my bag I produced this activity.  I was surprised at how much the boys loved it!  Bandicoot was really challenged by threading the beads on the pipe cleaners, but he loved doing it.

Once we had finished that, I had another dig around in the mystery bag and found these activities:

I had made this one last year for Possum, but Bandicoot loved it.  He sat on Daddy’s lap and said all the names of the shapes as he searched on the tree for where to put them.  We were astounded.  Being a child who won’t sit still, he hasn’t really been taught very much, although he has been exposed to all we do.  The only shape name he didn’t know was "oval".

While Bandicoot was occupied with that, Possum had fun with this one:

"Oh Christmas Tree" from Musings of Me

I had a number of colouring in activities, following the current tree theme as well, but we didn’t need those this morning.  I am sure we will get to them soon!