Craft School…


Possum is 5 years and 2 months

Bandicoot is 3 years

Little Princess is 6 months


Homeschool is taking a new turn this week.  We have been working away on alphabet based studies and activities but I think we have reached burn out on them at the moment.  What is the point of preschool if it is no fun?

So, after much grumbling about “R is for Rainbow” (I was trying to wish away a week of heavy rain), I had a rethink.

Our life is steeped in Octonauts at the moment.  The boys love anything undersea (what a good thing we took a yearly membership to the Aquarium!)  So, I decided, how about a bit of undersea fun?

I had planned to make some undersea creatures, and to make a back drop using multiple painting methods on a sheet of cardboard.  Really, what is more fun than that?  Well, it appears, running around the craft supply shop purchasing lots of items once they catch wind of what Mummy is up to!

That was one awfully expensive sheet of cardboard!

The boys are completely inspired, ‘though, and I was impressed with some of the ideas that they had.  (I even got a couple of ideas to put in my “craft for playgroup” folder.)

And, as for my now 5yo who has very little interest in fine motor activities at preschool – well he has had a blast today using a hot-glue gun (Mummy hovering and trying not to freak out) to make a pom-pom stingray.


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