Happy Michaelmas

Today is Michaelmas.

Happy Michaelmas.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to stop eating blackberries (they aren’t in season, here.)  Apparently, according to legend, when St Michael threw satan out of Heaven he landed in blackberry brambles, so you don’t eat them after Michaelmas.

I had intended to celebrate Michaelmas with the kids today, but it just didn’t happen again this year.  *sigh*  One day.

I had hoped to make some model dragons.  That would be so cool!  (I have some modelling clay, so, if it isn’t already too chaotic, we might do it on the weekend.)

I also would love to read them the story of St Michael and satan.  I need to find a good kids book of it.

I should start looking now so that I can have it ready for next year.


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