Darling Hubby (DH)


I have been reviewing the growing number of blogs to which my reader seems to have subscribed (surely that wasn’t me?).  I have also been perusing a number of blogs that friends follow.


I have realised that one of the things that instantly turns me off a blog or leaves me with a warm fuzzy, is the way they speak about their husbands/partners/Dad’s-in-their-lives.


My DH is special.  I love him dearly.  I have vowed to spend the rest of my life loving, honouring and cherishing him.  And I hope that I do. 


Of course, there are times that he drives me crazy, just as anyone living in close proximity would.  That is what I have my girlfriends for.  We can get together and let off steam, because, frankly, we know that is what we are doing and that our men and good blokes that we really do love and respect.


But my whining is not for public sharing.  It is not even for sharing with most of the people I know, just with the few who know the score.


And I really can’t abide blogs that are so disrespectful of their partners.  What has surprised me lately, is how many of them there are out there.  I hope this never falls into that category.


So I have decided that my Darling Hubby deserves a better pseudonym than “DH”.  But what do I call him?


In keeping with the animal theme, I thought about “Emu” or “Penguin” – species with “good” fathers.  Or maybe “Albatross” who make “good” mates.  None of them seem to fit.  I could call him Mr (insert name), but NO one calls him that (we aren’t that old, are we?)  Maybe Mr Seahorse – they do mate for life (don’t they?) and the males carry the eggs (although, to be honest, DH doesn’t really get pregnancy).  Or Rex – Rex is the name he has given to everything for years – dogs, fish, motorbikes…  Or The Biker Man – just ‘cos he’d like that.

PI001(Incidentally this is our kids’ favourite photo.)

Hmmm.  Decisions.  He may remain “DH” for a while yet.  But at least he is my DH.




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