Things I Know Friday

Playing along with Shae and Yay for Home via Sam-O at Living Life Playing the Glad Game


Things I know…

I know this is a cheater’s way to do a blog entry, but it might get me to write one each Friday.

I know that I am not ready for it to be October yet.  Where has this year gone?

I am so glad that my sister is healthy and home from hospital, even if the surgery was way more radical than expected.

I know that pink is a gorgeous colour.  I am glad that it makes my Little Princess look so pretty, and that she is happy to wear it.

I know that Zhu-Zhu pets are lots of fun.  Bandicoot, Little Princess and I have been chasing two guinea pigs around the lounge room for ages now.

I know that ordering a cubby house for the backyard is impressively difficult.

I know that I need some extra sleep.  And some extra discipline to make the most of the sleeping time I do have!


What do you know this Friday?


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2 Responses to “Things I Know Friday”

  1. Kirsty @mummytofive Says:

    My girls are getting Zhu Zhu pets for Christmas this year, so I know we will be running around after them all the time now too!!

  2. A Parenting Life Says:

    Sleep is a wonderous thing and really does make everything easier to deal with. Joining TIK has done lovely things for my blog, plus it is very inspiring reading all that others know as well

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