Here is my first ever cake stall offering:


They are bite size cupcakes with white chocolate and 100s and 1000s.

Yes, that’s right.  Not icing.  White chocolate.

Oh, so super yummy!  (I had to do a quality control check, now didn’t I?)

I have several dozen to take to our Church in the morning for the Cake Stall, but I have kept these little lovelies to be devoured by my family.  I know how awful it was taking my Mum’s amazing cooking to school for a cake stall, only to dash out at recess to buy something and find they were all gone.

I really felt like I was turning into my Mum as I was dipping these in chocolate and sprinkles.  *sigh*  I have been feeling so awful that everything I had dreamed of was coming to an end with the boys going to school and preschool next year, but I got a little buzz about Things to Come tonight. 

Now I am nervous.  I hope that they sell!



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