Things I Know Friday

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Things I know…

I know that today is Friday.  It shouldn’t be, because I haven’t been to bed yet for Thursday night, but somehow it is.

I know that I am really looking forward to being away this weekend, but I am not looking forward to going away.  Or to coming back for that matter, either.

I know that going away involves me packing for four people.  I also need to organise the washing (which I know I should have hung on the line earlier than I did), the toys, the food…  I know I hate packing.  I know I don’t want to do it, but that I should probably have done it already.

I know that DH will pack his stuff and grab CDs and never know what I do to get us out of the house.  And I know that packing doesn’t bother him.  Mismatch?

I know that when I come back, somehow every item of clothing that we own will need to be washed again.  We have never really encouraged the kids to hold back for fear of getting dirty, but seriously?  There is some serious skill involved in accumulating so much washing.

I know I need to get the meat out of the freezer ready for Sunday night’s dinner when we return.  I am not doing it now.  It is the middle of the night.  I know I will probably forget in the morning…

I know that Bandicoot gives the best snuggles of anyone in this house.  Hands down.  Actually, he is probably the best snuggler in the whole world, he is that good.  Sometimes I am jealous of his future wife, getting all those snuggles, when I only get them for a short time.  Still, I will take what I can get!  (She better be nice.)

Last night, when everyone else was in bed and I was up doing something, he did a sleepy wandering through the house.  I took him back to bed and snuggled down for a second lot of sleepy snuggles in the one night.  I know that was great.

I know I miss him now that he is a big boy sleeping in his own bed.  *sniff*  I know we want them to grow up, but why do they do it so fast?

I know I better post this and go to bed, or I will meet myself in the hallway getting up!

What do you know this Friday?


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2 Responses to “Things I Know Friday”

  1. My Big Nutshell Says:

    oh Nashie, i hear you. Just the washing is enough to bloody well stay home!!!!! I hope packing happens quickly and efficiently and at least while you are there you can relax and enjoy. Packing is crap. Often I amount ‘family holidays’ to same c#$p, different location. I hope yours isn’t.

  2. Shae Says:

    The washing when we get back from being away is always horrendous!

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