Christmas 2011 – Pre-Advent

My boys are beside themselves with excitement about Christmas. 

A week and a half ago we went to one of our local shopping centres.  The boys’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw all the Christmas decorations up.  Then they ran to the open central part that looks down on the Centre Court and OH MY GOODNESS, MUMMY!!!  SANTA IS HERE!!!

Since then it has been on for young and old.

I already don’t like making them wait until “after all the birthdays in the house” like we did as kids (both my sister and I have December birthdays) and as we are not practicing as Roman Catholics these days (we practice as Lutherans instead) we do not have the reverence for the dead during November.  Of course, Christmas is not Advent, but, well, when I live with Mr Humbug, it is nice to have someone excited about it all.

And so, when DH went away for the weekend, we had some fun.

Near us there is a Christmas Warehouse.  It is only open for a few months, but it was a great chance to go and have a look.  We all thought that was pretty special (although I was slightly disappointed).

We then stopped at a video shop (okay, DVD Rental) and hired, “Polar Express”.  When we started watching it I thought it would be too scary for my littles, and indeed they did “watch” a good deal of it from the next room.  However, as soon as it finished it was played again.  And again and again – certainly got our value for our three day hire.  Needless to say the postman will be delivering our own copy shortly.

Then we did a major declutter and clean of the casual lounge.  That was fun to try and keep motivated!

Finally, we got out the tree.  We could put up the tree, but Mummy was alas too short to reach the decorations in the cupboard (grumble, grumble, grumble) so we had to wait for Daddy to come home for that.

Our tree looks largely like it has been decorated by a 5yo and a 3yo – because it has!  I am not into the manicured tree look.  I like few ornaments, but those have to be special.  Maybe they are made by the kids, or by me, or given by a friend a long time ago, or have cultural significance or really just lovely.  I like it to be OUR tree.

We also had our Santa photos today.  DH really doesn’t understand it.  As kids, my brothers and sisters and I would dress in our best clothes and have our photo taken with Santa.  They are a record of us growing up.  Poor DH doesn’t believe in Santa (can you imagine???) and won’t even come with us.  Never mind, we have a nice tradition going for ourselves here.

I am trying to fit in an activity/movie/book etc every day between now and Christmas.  I have part of it planned and part to come.  I really want to get it all sorted out, but so far it hasn’t happened.  *eek*  the time is coming too fast!  After all, Advent really starts this weekend.


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One Response to “Christmas 2011 – Pre-Advent”

  1. Sam-O Says:

    Can I just say, I think the Workaholic and you are a pair! He’s so Christmas and of course I’m the humbug in the House of O. I may have to get the Polar Express for here.

    Still just can’t see myself getting anything done about Christmas. I am however, entranced by the ad for a cruise below your post!!

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