First Sunday of Advent 2011

Possum in 5 years 6 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 4 months

Little Princess is 10 months


At last Advent is really here!  Now we really can start getting into the mood.

Today our “Countdown to Christmas Box” appeared.  The idea is that this is where we will find each day’s activity.

IMG_1929 IMG_1928

Today we discovered our Advent Wreath!  Possum was so excited!  (I think that my boys are closet pyromaniacs.  Actually, I think it is part of being Catholic… )


Yes, that little 4-tealight burner is our Advent Wreath.  I know it isn’t really a wreath, but it is remarkably sturdy (and safe on the table) and it works very well for us.

Under the Advent wreath was…

IMG_1934 STICKER BOOKS!  One each for Possum and Bandicoot.

Anyone who knows us personally will know that we have been having a hard time at Church for the last month due to inability-to-sit-silently.  Can I just say that Bandicoot LOVED this book.  He has already finished most of it.  That’s okay – that’s what it is for.

And finally, being the First Sunday of Advent, we took some goodies to Church for the Mountain of Love.  Our Church regularly supports one of the local Christian Aid Agencies, but at the beginning of Advent we do a special appeal where everyone brings Christmas goodies along.


We took along some of our favourite party foods as well as some complete baking sets for Christmas biscuits.  My kids love baking gingerbread men, and if you are struggling to put meals on the table, wouldn’t you love a chance to treat your kids with an afternoon of baking?

Of course, we got it wrong.  This year the Mountain of Love is on the Second Sunday of Advent.  Never mind.  Better early than late – it will still go to the same people.


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