Polly Dolly Challenge

Okay, so my buddy Sam-O over at Living Life Playing the Glad Game, told me about Danimezza‘s weekly Polly Dolly Challenge using Pollyvore.  I am not into fashion (you think?) but I thought that I would give this one a go and see what happened.

Well, with the theme of “navy stripes” this is what happened.

I am not sure if I enjoyed this or not.  Maybe I won’t do this again, or maybe I will.  You will need to stay posted!

Polly Dolly Challenge

Polly Dolly Challenge by nashie-d

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2 Responses to “Polly Dolly Challenge”

  1. Nashie Says:

    Oh, dear, and yes, there are two hats. The beret is for my secret life as a blonde and the cap for brunette…

  2. Sam-O Says:

    It SHOUTS you all over. I can so see you in this set in younger days!

    Do it again next week. I swear it hooked me in. I actually keep checking Danimezza for the challenge!

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