Second Week of Advent 2011 – Monday

Possum is 5 years 7 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 5 months

Little Princess is 11 months


Today, alas, we went shopping.  Not toys and presies and looking at lots of pretty decorations, maybe stopping for a coffee or an ice-cream type shopping.  Grocery shopping.

So how does grocery shopping feature as an Advent activity?  Well, you know all that Christmas baking?  All those goodies we intend to share with family and friends?  Do you know what they are made out of?  Yup, stuff from the supermarket.

It was a mammoth shop.  I still haven’t handed the receipt over to DH (he is the receipt man around here).  He will flip when he sees it, and I was scolded for purchasing some lamb cutlets for him and the kids (I can’t abide lamb), but that isn’t why I haven’t done it.  I just haven’t got that far.  By the time we finished, it was more than the money that was spent.

Fortunately, the boys discovered this on the shelves of the supermarket.  The old Dora love is back in vogue at the moment.  It cost more than I should have spent on a whim, but I knew that they would enjoy it, and I knew that we would all be happy for the break once we got home.

IMG_2062I felt terrible, ‘though, because I didn’t watch it with them (I normally pre-watch and pre-read everything for them).  I listened from other rooms, but even that wasn’t so attentive – I was pretty exhausted.  However, come bedtime tonight, Bandicoot was still telling me about it, and wants to watch it with me again tomorrow.

As for the Countdown to Christmas Box today – well what do you know?  It also contained a DVD.

Being the day before the Feast of St Nicholas, I wanted them to watch this one.


I have to admit that the Veggies do annoy me a bit.  I find their voices hard to listen to, and sometimes hard to understand.  They do, however, appeal to the kids, and they often tell a story nicely.

Bandicoot couldn’t concentrate on this one very well, but Possum was hooked.  (Poor Bandicoot is still suffering a bit from that bug he has had).  Possum was really quite interested to hear the origins of St Nicholas.

And, when they wake up in the morning, they will find bags of gold chocolate coins amongst their shoes. 


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