Embrace the Camera – 8 December 2011


As you know, it was my birthday this week, so here is a picture of the birthday girl.


Gosh, a bit of cheekiness peeking through there!  Maybe I am related to my kids, after all.

Just as an aside, I have found another reason to love my chubby face.  Recently we had some old photos put up at our Church.  There was a photo each of my DH and of me.  I was not only much younger 15 years ago, but I was also much skinnier.  I have to say that a little extra pudding on my face does soften what can be some rather defined bone-work!

DH and I had a bit of a giggle at the photos and agreed that, although we would not have thought so then, we really like each other a lot more now (and although he has aged a bit in those in-between years, I think he is even more handsome now.)


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(Actually I didn’t end up linking up, as Emily has just given birth to little Olive.  Congratulation, Emily!)



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