Second Week of Advent – Thursday

Possum is 5 years 7 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 5 months

Little Princess is 11 months

Wow!  Look what happened overnight!


Itty-bitty candy canes have sprouted!

The boys think it is absolutely amazing.  They really believe that they are growing and are afraid of damaging them.  At one point, Bandicoot’s fell over and all the little canes fell out.  Oh the tears!  DH told him that maybe if we quickly put them back in they would still be okay.

Of course, the real challenge is not to eat them all – if you eat them all when they are so little, no big ones will grow, will they?  This has had two outcomes:

Bandicoot – eat all except one

Possum – only eat one per day and see how big they grow

See how big they grow? See how big they grow? Oh-oh!  We have explained that they will only grow to a certain maximum size and probably stop.  Or else, as DH put it, what would happen if we never picked them?  They would keep growing and growing and take over the house and we would have nowhere to live!  Judging from the giggles that this elicited, I am not sure if some little boys are planning an science experiment.


And on the topic of candy canes, it seemed a great time to introduce this book:


It appeared in the Countdown to Christmas Box this morning.

I have read about this book for a couple of years now on many American blogs.  It sounded good, but I wasn’t sure if it would live up to expectations.  Some things are lost in the cultural divide.

When I found it for just $7- I thought I could take the risk and find out for myself.

I have to say that I was well-pleased with this one.

It is a lovely story about a (very jolly looking) Candy-maker who designs a new lolly – the candy-cane.  It talks about why he made it like he did, reflecting on the Christian message.  It is written nicely in verse, with big, beautiful decorations and pictures of the most delicious looking candy canes.

When I read it to the kids today, we stopped and had a little discussion about English dialects.  They now understand that “Candy” is what people in America call lollies.  (We also included that they are called “sweets” in the UK.)  Tonight when DH read the book he substituted “lolly” in place of “candy” throughout.  I had to chuckle quietly to myself.  He really hates it when people here say things like “cookie”, “fire-truck” or “store”.  At least it didn’t ruin the rhymes!


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