The Spew Fairy Has Not Left

Possum is 5 years 7 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 5 months

Little Princess is 1 year


This is shaping up to be quite a holiday.  It is not unheard of for people to get sick on holidays – you know, when you finally relax, those bugs catch up with you – but this takes the biscuit.

It started two days before we left when I began to feel crook.  That last day at home I woke feeling like I had a complete flu.  I could barely move with all the aches and pains and thinking was not a real successful activity.

I slept a lot in the car, especially on that first day.  The first day here (Christmas Eve) was a struggle, not to mention the parties on those first two nights (just what we needed after such a long time in the car.)  Then, finally, mid-afternoon on Christmas Day, I collapsed.  By this time it was well into my lungs and my BIL (a doctor) diagnosed bronchitis.  He was going to write me a script, but had left the pad where he was staying, rather than having it with him at the function.

I slept until late on the 27th.  Wow. 

We spent the afternoon with friends and although I was much better, I was weak and exhausted and overjoyed to get home to my bed.

The next day, although I was still not feeling great, the focus changed.  That was the day we spent in hospital with Possum, waiting to see the ent.

The following evening (29th) on the way home from another family party (this one for Little Princess’ birthday), Possum spewed all over a service station driveway.  We thought it was nerves about the operation scheduled for the next day – he has an anxious streak and we were worried about the pending operation; why wouldn’t he be?  We had another bile spew that night and one in the morning but we still thought it was nerves.

I have to admit that I was a little perplexed when he still didn’t want to eat after leaving the hospital, and indeed for the rest of the day…

That was until late that afternoon when Little Princess redecorated the car with regurgitated turkey.

She followed a similar pattern – sick a few times over about a 12 hour period, subdued, tired, not hungry but massively thirsty for about a day after the sicking stopped.

She then threw in the added bonus of having a very runny other end, which increased the washing load substantially, including lounge seat covers.

Then, last night (1st) as DH and I tried to have a cuppa to the whir of the washing machine, Bandicoot cried out in his sleep.  Dh went in to him to discover he had been sick all over the bed in his sleep.  Oh what a mess to clean up!

Now Bandicoot and Possum are sharing a bed here, so clean up included shifting both boys to strip and remake the bed, as well as changing Bandicoot’s pyjamas and various other clean up tasks.  Unfortunately his beloved B (“Blanky Bear"”) copped a fair bit of ill treatment and required an immediate bath.

I comforted Bandicoot on the lounge for a while, where he was sick another two times.  Throughout the night he continued to be sick, although there was nothing inside him, another three times.

You know the truly remarkable bit (apart from the amount of washing)?  This morning he came in to me and said, “Look Mummy, B is all blue!”  (B is supposed to be blue, but he had turned rather grey…)  Neither of the boys had any recollection of any events of the night!


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