Ethiopian Cuisine

Possum is 5 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 6 months

Little Princess is 1 year

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?  No, neither had I.  Or at least, not really.  DH did once try to cook ingera, but it only kind of worked out.

The city we are in at the moment is host to lots of African immigrants.  One of the advantages of that is the opportunity to try out some different foods.

Tonight we went to an Ethiopian restaurant.  DH had had Ethiopian food in Africa in his younger days (he has probably spent about a year and a bit travelling around Africa).  He was very excited to try it again.

We ordered several different dishes (unfortunately I didn’t find out all their names) – lamb (ye-bege tibs), chicken, beef (kay wot), split pea (messer wot or kik alicha, I think), potato and carrot (dinich wot?) and some other thing that was smooth and bright orange and tasted like Heaven (it might have been shiro wot).  And the best bit?  We got to eat with our fingers without being rude!


Everyone was served up an ingera (a typ e of bread cooked a bit like a giant pancake out of a fermented dough/batter) and that pretty much serves as a plate.  You tear off bits to eat the yummy, yummy food.

The kids (yes all three of them) loved it.  Even Possum, who is forever telling us that he doesn’t like potato, whispered to me tonight that he really liked it wrapped up in that bread.  Can’t blame him at all!

I have to say that the real winner, however, was the ye-doro tibs – a super yummy chicken stew.  I am off to see if I can find it on the web.  Yum, yum.

And tomorrow night?  Well, we will get to eat with our fingers again as we try Sudanese!


(Sorry about the pics… the camera was mucking up so we couldn’t get the flash going, despite the opportunity for some great family shots.)


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