Should Parents Be Allowed to Drive?


or What are you REALLY thinking about???


Possum is 5 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 6 months

Little Princess is 1 year old


Today we went to the Aquarium.  We love the Aquarium, but it is a bit of a way to get there.  We need to drive to the city and then we catch the monorail train to the aquarium.  It takes us about an hour to an hour fifteen (usually depending how co-operative the kids are when I am trying to do the transfer.)

As we were driving in today, me trying to run in-flight service, carry on three conversations at once, negotiate city traffic (I am out of practice after holidays!), and stop my brain from racing through all the things I need to do, I wished again for one of those privacy screens that they have in limousines – at least in the movies – I wouldn’t know about in real life.

It made me think about how safe am I when I am driving.  To be honest, not as safe as I would like.  In fact, if someone else drove like that, I would not like them driving my kids about.

I used to be a good driver.  There was a certain amount of skill that I took great pride in nurturing, but there was also a certain base level of concentration that was required.

I guess that is why there are all those laws about mobile phone use while driving.  Of course, I am pretty sure I could chat on the phone and text with my toes and sit backwards in the drivers seat and still have more attention for driving than with a car full of kids.

So what can I do?  I can do what my DH does when he is riding his motorbike.  He has told me that as soon as he sees the tell-tale signs of babyseats strapped to the restraints in cars, he gives them a wide berth.  Perhaps those “Baby Onboard” dangly things should be compulsory, the same way L- and P-plates are for new drivers.

And in the meantime?  Well, St Christopher is working overtime….


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One Response to “Should Parents Be Allowed to Drive?”

  1. Sam-O Says:

    What is wrong with the train to the city? That is my kids favourite part and I also find it relaxing.

    I’m the Mum who yells at them once that I am driving and need to concentrate and then proceed to ignore them for the rest of the trip unless a round of:

    I know a song that will get on your nerves
    Get on your nerves
    Get on your nerves
    I know a song… (or similar, such as imitating crow caws)

    breaks out then I pretty much go postal and should definitely not be in control of heavy machinery!!

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