Can you afford to buy local? Can you afford not to?

Possum is 5 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 6 months

Little Possum is 1 year


We are lucky, lucky, lucky to live where we do.  Not only are we in the west, but our country, through whatever means, weathered the last GFC fairly well.

An upside is that our $ is strong.

A downside is that our $ is strong.

We are able to shop around for cheap goods, especially with the internet.  This means we can get some special or interesting things that we would never be able to afford here.

Unfortunately, this has the effect of sending our strong $ off-shore, and it is hurting our local industry.

So what do we do?  Buy locally made?  Restrict ourselves to local service providers?  Well, I would like to, but I just can’t afford to do that all the time.

Liz over at life, loves and liz (me) has come with a timely reminder:  it isn’t all or nothing.  We can all help in a small way.  I suggest reading her article and joining in her challenge:

so my challenge to each and every one of you is this: at the end of your supermarket shop this week look into your trolley, select two items and if they are not produced within australia, swap them for a similar product that is.

Easy, huh.

On a related note, I have been concerned about the milk that we buy.  I buy the cheap supermarket milk.  I do this because we go through approximately 3L of milk a day, and it costs a lot of money.  However, I have heard reports (haven’t we all) about how this is sending our dairy farmers broke and that in 10 years time, our milk will be imported (ick.  I like it fresh.  And local.)  So, I am going to try swapping out one bottle of the cheapy stuff, for one bottle of the name brand milk each week.  Only a small change, but a little help along the way.

What changes do you think you can make?


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