Sometimes it does stop raining

Possum is 5 years 9 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 7 months

Little Princess is 1 year 1 month (13 months)

It has been raining here.  Quite a lot.  Indeed, you could say it was a wet summer.  You could say a lot of other things, too, but we will settle for “wet summer”.

But sometimes it stops and the sun comes out a little.

And it leaves muddy puddles behind.

Possum and Bandicoot love muddy puddles.  (Oh my!  I sound like the narrator on “Peppa Pig”.)  They play in them at almost any opportunity, including once dressed and ready for school – well you can imagine how that ended.

Anyway, a little later, Little Princess decided to leave her tiara behind and discover what all the fuss was about:




IMG_3808 Hmm.  Cool and mooshy on the toes…

IMG_3809 Splashy… IMG_3810 

Really splashy!

IMG_3812             IMG_3813

Surely I could wriggle in a bit further…IMG_3819


Aaah… that’s better.

 IMG_3814 Foot spa…

Writing…  IMG_3815      

IMG_3830   IMG_3825 IMG_3829  


Oh, hang on, I think Mummy and I were about to go out.  Better go inside and find her.  



IMG_3833   IMG_3834 

Pardon the blurriness on these last couple – I was retreating towards the bathroom pretty quickly!


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