Technology and Gremlins

Regular readers may have noticed some posts missing.  There is a rather large chunk of our lives from December and January that don’t appear on the blog.  This time includes all sorts of adventures like Advent activities, travelling halfway across the country to stay with my in-laws, Christmas, New Year, a broken nose and several entries regarding the prestigious TDU.

Have I forgotten you?  No!

While we were away I did not have access to my home computer.  I also did not have internet access for most of the trip.  So I posted entries off line on DH’s work laptop, ready to upload when possible.  Most of the posts I had written were waiting for photo downloads from our camera, also difficult to do when we were away.

So it was all there.

Then we got back.  DH returned to work.  One of the blogging programmes was causing havoc on his computer (apparently), so he transferred all the blog entries onto a USB memory stick and cleared them off his computer.

Then the memory stick died.


Yes, truly.  Just like that.  One day it was working finely, the next, nada.


And so, all those wonderful entries are missing.

I will try to rewrite what I can for you, but it will miss that feeling of immediacy, that emotional element, be a little too considered possibly.  Still, they should contain some nice pics.

And, if it is any consolation to you, within the same two week period, DH managed to also lose his PC at work and the back-up hard drive (fortunately not at the same time!).  I am trying to keep him away from anything else electrical.


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