They ALL asked for more!!!

Possum is 5 years and 10 months old

Bandicoot is 3 years and 8 months old

Little Princess is 1 year and 2 months old (14 months)


I had a very surprising experience at dinner tonight.  As I was preparing the meal, I sent a text message to a buddy of mine along the lines of, “Off to prepare a meal that noone will like.”

What had inspired this optimism?  My desire for a creamy chicken curry.

Curry is always a loaded dish in this family.  DH loves curry.  Especially if it is so hot that your skin peels off.  And it must be Indian curry.  I know that “Indian curry” is a very broad description, but he pretty much loves them all.  South East Asian curries, for example, are much further down the list (although quite acceptable for filling that gnawing hole in his tummy.)

Possum will not eat anything “spicy”.  By “spicy” he actually means anything hot – chilli, pepper etc.  (I have in the past, tried to convince him that he doesn’t like cinnamon doughnuts as cinnamon is a spice and they are, thus, spicy food, and he should therefore give them all to his mother, but have not been successful.)

Bandicoot doesn’t mind a tiny bit of heat – unless Possum reminds him that he doesn’t eat anything hot, in which case he will mimic his big brother.

Little Princess doesn’t eat.

And me?  Well, I used to like hot food.  Not as hot as DH likes it, but I quite enjoyed a kick.  Until I completely trained my self as food tester, taster and preparer for the kids.  Now I notice the tiniest strains of chilli before even the kids would notice.  I still love the flavour of chilli, but the heat not so much.

And generally I am not into “Indian curries”.  Again, I used to be.  Unfortunately, I think I ate way to many of them and I just can’t face them anymore.  Pair this with the difficulty of getting them prepared and served without fresh coriander (ie leaves, stems, roots but not the seed – aka cilantro in the US) and it is a bit of a minefield.  (I am allergic to cilantro.  No really.  Yeah, I know.  Weird to be allergic to a non-protein food, but I am.  And so is one of my sisters and, I recently found out, another person I know.  There.  There are three of us.)

I do, however, prefer them to Thai style.  Or maybe, again, there are just so many Thai restaurants around that over time I had my fill.  (No, actually, I have never really been a fan of the Thai style ones, overly.)

Anyway, I digress.

I wanted a nice creamy chicken curry.  Comfort food, not hot curry.  Unfortunately, my much loved Keen’s Curry Powder seems a lot hotter than it used to be.  This means either burning little heads off, or not getting the same amount of flavour.  I also have jars of various curry pastes in the fridge (or should I say, half jars).

What to do?

Well, I was in a bit of a grouchy-pants mood anyway, so I figured I would just use the curry paste and not care if I didn’t like it either.

I found some Mussaman Curry Paste.  Years ago – before kids, before Selwyn – I used to love this stuff.  I would stir fry beef, red capsicum and onion in it and serve it on rice.  These days – meh – take it or leave it.  (Definitely leave a traditional Mussaman Curry.)

This is what I did:

Fried off ~ 5 generous Tbsp of curry paste- this was how much I had left – in oil.  (For reference the recipe on the jar advised 4Tbsp of curry paste to 300g meat.)

Chopped up 2 chicken breasts (about 600g worth) into largish, bite-size pieces.  Tossed them through to sort of brown them a bit, not that you can with the curry paste in there, but you get the idea.

Tossed in 2 onions, chopped into large pieces (my “curry size” pieces.)  Softened them.

Added in 3 small-medium diced potatoes, 4 chopped carrots, a chopped eggplant (next time peel it first so Possum doesn’t notice it in the dish), a similar amount of peanut butter to curry paste, a 375mL tin of condensed milk and 3 Tbsp fish sauce.  I then layered 2 sliced zucchini on top (Possum doesn’t eat zucchini).  I stuck the lid on and let it simmer away for about 1/2 to 1 hour (when we were ready to eat.)

Note:  I used sweetened peanut butter ~aah bliss~  one of those things that I should be against, but I really love.  Otherwise I would have added the spoon of sugar suggested on the jar.  (Or maybe if I thought of it, I would have done so, too.)

Note 2:  I didn’t like the taste of the fish sauce as I was trying to go more for a creamy curry than a SE Asian one.  Not sure what I would use instead, ‘though.

That was it.  Serve with rice.

Possum looked at it and said nervously, “I have had this before and I don’t like it because it is spicy.”

By this time, we were all like little piggies with not just our snouts in the trough, but our trotters, too.  “*snuffle*snuffle* But it isn’t spicy!  Try it!  It looks like it should be, but it isn’t!”

He cautiously took a nibble then proceeded to inhale his entire meal.  Even Little Princess finished her dinner, pointed at her bowl and said, “More, more.”  Wow!

Seconds all round.

Definitely a win.


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