Holy Week

Possum is 5 years and 11 months

Bandicoot is 3 years and 8 months

Little Princess is 1 year and 3 months (15 months)

So here we are at the pointy end of Lent.  I hope that your Lenten observances have been more “successful” than mine have been.  I don’t know about you, but I seem to get very bogged down and distracted by the day to day stuff of life.  The point of Lent is to try and cut down on that, to realise our reliance on God.  I guess it is always a journey.

I have, however, decided to help our family end with a bang (or “Stick the Landing”, as was our theme at Church last Sunday.)  Here is what we are doing:

Abstaining from meat (with the exception of the scheduled dinner at McDonald’s on Thursday night.)  I am aware that this is my thing, and not theirs, so I will see how we go.  If DH wants to buy meat at lunch time, then I am not putting up a fuss.  Likewise, I will not make Possum miss out on the end-of-term fundraising sausage sizzle at his school on Thursday.  However, I will not be serving meat.

And secondly, I have made up some Holy Week activity books for the kids:


I was inspired for this brilliant idea by Sylvia over at Orthodox Mom (this is the blog entry where she inspired me.)  There is one for each of the kids, including Little Princess (who loves to draw ALL the time – and on anything.)

Here are a few sample pages:


I spent way too much of my sleep time trawling the internet to find activity pages for them – colouring, puzzles, mazes, songs, cut and paste (do you like the palm leaves stuck down in front of Jesus and the donkey in Bandicoot’s book in the middle there?)  There isn’t any new content (that I can remember, anyway), but a lot of work getting them sorted.  Each book is a bit different as I tried to tailor them to their current abilities and interests.

They work progressively through Holy Week, with Good Shepherd pages (I wanted to introduce The Lamb), Palm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (preparing hearts and homes), Spy Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and finally Easter Sunday and Beyond.  I have allowed bunnies to appear in the final section – and I think it will keep them going a while – but not before.

The kids are really enjoying the books, but I think the best bit about them is the devotion time preparing them has given me.  I didn’t realise what a wonderful, focussing activity it would be.

Here is to a holy Holy Week for you.


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