Loaves and Fishes

Possum is 5 years 11 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 9 months

Little Princess is 1 year 3 months (15 months)

Right about now I am looking for an Easter miracle.

In the Catholic (and the Orthodox) tradition(s), the Easter Tridium is a time of prayer, reflection and fasting.  The celebrating happens starting on Sunday (well, after the Easter Vigil on Saturday night).  The Lutherans that I know around here start celebrating on Thursday night.  Many of them have big gatherings and feasts on Good Friday.

Not that one way is right and the other wrong, but when DH and I have grown up in two different traditions, this is one of those times it gets a bit confusing.

As a compromise, I fast, but only by the modern Roman Catholic directions, he eats a little less and we don’t party up big.

Thus, I was making a vege casserole in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.

Enter SIL #1.  Our 19yo nephew from interstate is moving to a city 100km from here.  His Mum (DH’s sister) and his brother have decided to drive him over.  They had planned to stay at our place overnight, but thought that they would arrive late and leave early, leaving catch-ups until next week.

Except that they got a good run on the roads and are now looking at arriving several hours earlier (and require dinner).

Now Enter BIL.  We are still assembling that ginormous cubby house.  DH’s brother has come around after Church today to help with the roof.  He also would like to see his sister, seeing as she is arriving earlier.

And he has a wife (SIL #2 for this post) and four kids.

And none of them fast on Good Friday.

3pm was not a good time to find out about these changes, not when the kids need to eat in 2 hours and the shops are shut!

SIL #2 and I had a discussion on the phone for about 15 minutes as we rummaged in our fridges and pantries.  I think that with pasta and pooling of our salad veges we might just pull it off.  I have found some bread for garlic bread and I will bake a cake (bake a cake on Good Friday???) and hopefully no one will starve.

My pantry is pretty low – catering for fasting days and then going to a function on Sunday, and so was her’s (she hasn’t had a chance to go shopping as she is in the choir at Church), so really that everyone will get something on their plates IS an Easter Miracle.


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