Just Say CC!

Possum is 5 years 11 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 9 months

Little Princess is 1 year 4 months (16 months)


Today I was initiated into another School-Mum ritual.  The Cross-Country Run!

I don’t know – is a Catholic vs Public thing?  Or were they just not around when I was younger?  Anyway, I have never actually witnessed one of these events before.

Possum was so excited.  They had a training run last Thursday and he has talked of nothing else since.  You know that they have to run ALL around the WHOLE school?  EVERYone runs!  It is SO good.  It is SO MUCH fun.  And he REALLY LOVES it!  And all the parents are going to come and sit on the gutter at the side of the oval and cheer them on!  (Oh, are we?)

Well, you get the general idea.

On Thursday his Kindergarten class and two of the three others all ran together and he came 6th.

On Friday, the scheduled training run did not happen (Boo, hiss.  Guess who was an unhappy bunny.)

But today was THE day and he was stoked.

Much to my horror, after a chaotic morning at home, when I did drop off, I discovered the race started at 9:30.  So, racing home (thankfully DH had got Bandicoot to pre-school), I quickly changed Little Princess, washed some of the masses of yoghurt off her, grabbed a bottle of water for each of us and raced back.  Wish I had have stopped to have some breakfast or even a glass of milk.  Also wish I brought some snacks or toys for her, because she got restless before it was all over.

There were two courses, the longer being the same as the shorter but with another loop on it.  Depending on the age group, they did different numbers of laps of which ever course was required to make up the length.  I believe that the under 5s and under 6s ran 500m but the under 12s did 3 or 3.5km.

IMG_4690Trying to rally a bunch of excited shorties in the marshalling area

All the school was assembled on one side of the oval, ready to watch and cheer.  The age groups were called out, they proceeded to the marshalling area where they were lead through their warm ups (and the parents got progressively more excited as we strained to see who we could pick out).  Then they were called in a motley mass to the starting line beneath the football posts and they were off!IMG_4692And they’re off!

It was very exciting.  I watched with a group of parents from Possum’s class.  We cheered and encouraged (we were close to the end of the race, and some of them needed some encouragement by then – I sure would!)  We also cheered extra loudly for our Kindies siblings and friends.


Go Possum!!  That’s him in the dark green…  Check out the smiles.


And Possum crossing the finish line, with that stinky kid in the red shirt just beating him at the last moment.

It really was a fun day.  Well, morning.  Little Princess had really lost her cool by the time the last race was on, and I watched it while we were leaving (but managed to see the big brother of one of Possum’s mates win his age group.)  She wasn’t impressed that she wasn’t allowed to join in the racing.


And as for Possum, how did he go?  A very impressive 8th!  I was impressed with him.  He was devastated.  He wanted a top 5 win.  He couldn’t work out how he finished so far back (hello?  So far back??) 


I pointed out that he was racing against the bigger kids from all 4 Kindy classes and some Year 1s, too.  That seemed to make it alright.  At anyrate, all was soon made better – one of his mates helped them all fold their certificates into paper aeroplanes and they had loads of fun together again.             


(Actually, I secretly was hoping for top 6.  The top 6 make the zone team with 7th and 8th as reserves.  Of course, the under 6s are too little for zone, but that is not the point.)

Maybe next year we should try doing some training.


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