Possum is 6 years
Bandicoot is 3 years 7 months
Little Princess is 1 year 2 months (16 months)

Yesterday I took another step on the path as school Mum.  Every two years Possum’s school holds a fundraising walkathon.  Yesterday was the day.

Once more I was caught out by the early start which scuppered our plans for the day – especially as this time I had both Bandicoot and Little Princess in tow.  Can you imagine Bandicoot coping two hours without snacks?  Once the pram was laden and the troops moved along to school, we set ourselves up in a great cheering position – right next to Possum’s class’s checkpoint. Nice spot – some sun, grass, trees, gardens for The Littles to explore, good view…

The Kindies had each been allocated a ‘Buddy’ in one of the older classes.  Their Buddy was supposed to walk with them for at least the first three laps, show them the ropes, explain how it worked.  After a while it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Possum visiting the check point.  I kept a more concerted eye out for him and there he came-upset.  We called him over to the checkpoint to get his card stamped.  There were no stamps on it at all!  And the the tears started.

He just wanted to walk, he didn’t want to collect stamps.   His Buddy had deserted him without explaining the process to him, but making time to point out he didn’t want to walk with him, and leaving Possum with rather high feelings of rejection.  Poor little kid!  I eventually convinced him let us walk with him for a bit.  During that time I explained how a walkathon worked and what they were raising money for.  I was about to clarify for him that it could even be viewed as ministry work, but of course Bandicoot raced off to the bubblers.  Fortunately, one of Possum’s besties was just behind us, and with a little convincing, they hooked up together to keep walking.

By the end of the walkathon, he didn’t even feel the need to wave to us, he was having so much fun.  At least it ended well.

Now we just need to wait for his school hat to turn up again… it was lost somewhere on the circuit.


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