Only our Bandicoot

Bandicoot is 3 years and 11 months

Do you feel like you know our Bandicoot?  He is a bit of a special little guy.  Sometimes he is special, like a sweet little angel, and sometimes, well, like Special.

Photo0188(Bandicoot as an angel freeing St Peter from Prison at Sunday School this week) 


Today, we had an “Only Bandicoot” moment.

Let me just point out a little background.  I live in a Boy house.  Despite the presence of Little Princess and me, we are often just one step off a bachelor flat.  Especially when it comes to toilet humour and fascination.  And “peeing in the wild” (for example, in the garden, rather than the loo) could be a national sport in these here parts.

Well today I had finally managed to brave the backyard and the littles followed.  Swinging, and an impromptu tea party ensued.  And then Bandicoot got the jiggles.  You know the jiggle I mean.

Well, despite his fascination with all things excretory, it takes a fair bit of encouragement to get Bandicoot to visit the little room.  After considerable –erm- nagging, he finally conceded that he needed to go.  In the garden.

Next thing I hear is, “Oh no, I have pee on my tummy.”

“You what???!!??”

Yup, he did.  How?  Well that was my question too.

Well, you know when you have a tap or a bubbler or a hose and you put your finger across the end of it to spray it like a fountain….

“I was just trying to make my wee into a fountain…”

Only our Bandicoot!



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