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October 22, 2012

I have had a lot of trouble uploading pictures to my blog lately, and I really don’t know why.

Anyway, this is just to let you know that I have managed to update a couple of posts:

A Nice View for Breaky


To Do List

They really make a lot more sense now.  Enjoy.


Remember, Kids, Don’t Do Drugs

October 21, 2012

I have never done illicit drugs.  I don’t abuse painkiller; I barely drink (I DID have a beer when we went out to dinner last week); I definitely don’t smoke.  I don’t even suck helium from balloons.

And yet, I am in the midst of a hellish detox.  Worse than that, I am nursing my 21 month old Little Princess through a detox, too.

I have been on Lexapro for many years (approximately six, on and off, but mostly on for the last four).  This means that Little Princess has been on it for her entire life since conception.

I was recently diagnosed as reacting to side-effects of the medication (having shown symptoms for years).  I had never heard of serotonin sickness.  The fact that I had not heard of it, in itself, scared me to bits.  The fact that none of my health professionals picked up on it, scared me even more.  It doesn’t surprise me.  GPs are punching through flocks of patients so quickly, they don’t have time to think and process vague symptoms.  It does, however, upset me.

If you are interested, I wrote a blog entry about it here.

So, I am detoxing from Lexapro.  Let’s remember that this drug was selected because it is highly tolerated in the population.  It was also considered safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Except, subsequently there have been law-suits over this stuff.

The manufacturers recommend detoxing by one of two methods:

1. Gradually

And I mean g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y.  My dosage was 20mg a day.  I would decrease this my about 5mg every second day, month at a time, until sometime around my 80th birthday I would be off this stuff.


2.  As an inpatient, complete with fluids and supplements.

Scary?  Yup.  Well, I have had to go cold-turkey and on my own (as some people do.)  It hurts and it is scary.

I have been looking up information on the web about how long the side-effects of detoxing last.  Officially, up to two weeks.  Anecdotally it seems much more like 6 months or so.  That is something to look forward, too.  (So basically, the gradual reduction in dose is hide the side-effects.  Six months weaning vs six months symptoms.)

Over on Inside the Storm I am writing a detox diary.  This is because there are a number of people out there who need to know they are not going crazy and that they are not alone.  You may also be interested.

On October 18 I posted about all the side-effects I had suffered to date.  Since then, I have had increased eye pain and visual problems, increased processing issues with concentration and complicated tasks (driving scares the pejeebies out of me!).  I have also found out wonderful little things like, this drug causes bone leeching.  Is that why my teeth are still all wobbly since my pregnancy with Little Princess?  Goodness knows what else I will find!

The Mango Man is Back!

October 17, 2012

Possum is 6 years 5 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 3 months

Little Princess is 1 year 9 months (21 months)

There are a couple of men who have a white van.  Each summer, these men go to the markets and buy the “B Grade” mangoes – the ones that have marks on their skins are not perfect shapes.  They sell them by the tray from their van about 3km further down our road.

They are known collectively as “The Mango Man”.


First box of the season.


October 9, 2012
Possum is 6 years 5 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 3 months

Little Princess is 21 months (1 year 9 months)

DH is old enough to know better

Adjective:  Uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous.

Synonyms:  boisterous – rumbustious – noisy – rowdy


With thanks to

Advent 2012–Truth in the Tinsel

October 9, 2012

You may remember this post from last year <<link to a groovy post>>

Well, truth be told, I didn’t actually use this programme last year.  I had half planned my Advent before I found this.  I figured that sometime in the 10 months between the end of one Christmas and the start of the next Advent I would have some spare time to do that.  Hmm.  <<*embarrassed cough*>>

Well, Amanda has given me (and you) a heads up.  Yes, that’s right.  It is only 53 days until we start it again this year.

That means it is time for you to head over to Amanda’s Blog and sign up.  Come on and join me in a memorable Advent.