Not Feeling the Love?

Possum is 6 years and 6 months

Bandicoot is 4 years and 4 months

Little Princess is 1 year and 11 months (23 months)


So here is the thing.  Recently we got some new members of the family.  We have three stinky, furry rodents with great big fangs sweet little guinea pigs living in a mini Taj Mahal in the backyard.

These poor critters are being traumatised… er, I mean, loved to death by our kids. 


The Rats Casey (on the left), Rocky to the bottom and Miss Fast

We inherited these guys from some friends of ours.  Their son is Possum’s best friend, but since then the Mum, N, and I have become great friends and J’s little sister has become great mates with Bandicoot.  N is a vet (a really cool vet – a zookeeper vet!) so they are used to having a menagerie. 

When they bred their guinea pigs, we decided to relieve the pet shop of some of the load and venture into the world of small furries, much to the kids’ delight.

But here is the thing.  I am not a vet.  Not even an ordinary kind.  And although they are kinda cute, they really stink.  And they poo and wee in the food bowl which just makes a disgusting mess for me each morning.  I can cope with the hutch (now that we have enough newspaper to line it) and with the food, but the food bowl and the – eek – cuddling them… well, gross.

The kids love them, but only Possum can really handle them.  Try telling that to Bandicoot.  And thereby hangs the tale.


Bandicoot and Rocky – of course he knows everything there is to know…

You see, I am forever rescuing the poor blighters from playing with Bandicoot especially; trying to readjust his grip; trying to get him to hold them and not let them free-range.  *sigh*  It is awfully stressful.

And then, today.

Today, Casey made a bid for freedom.  She jumped from Bandicoot and disappeared through the fence.

There were tears, but not as many as I expected.  And me, well I just felt a bit of guilt.  I also felt sad that it was Casey, whom the kids love and not Miss Fast who is really Miss Scratchy-Bad-Attitude.  Oops.  Not supposed to say that, ‘though, am I?

And then, in my typical empathic nature, I felt bad about a scared little guinea pig all alone; and her two sisters missing her, back in the hutch (okay, where is that bang head emoticon?)

So I went guinea pig hunting in our elderly neighbour’s yard.  I laid a trail of carrots back to our yard (one thing about Casey, she is MAD for carrots) and set up a little cardboard box next to the hutch full of straw, hay and pellets – guinea pig heaven, or thereabouts.  And I prayed.  A LOT.

Supid stinkin’ things.

Anyway, after a very mellow day, I finally put on the kids new favourite DVD – yeah, The Chipmunks.  As is usual in this house, the kids were not sitting still and somehow (who knows) Little Princess ended up on her back, under the table (I think it is her father’s blood, tee hee hee).  I went out to check on her (absolutely fine), when I noticed something in the backyard.

A little brown bundle munching away on a pile of hay and pellets next to the hutch.

Wha-ha – t?

No, really.

So I tried to sneak out.  Ha!  If I leave the building it is like a volcano spewing forth noisy, preschool lava.  I tried to get one of the littles to call Possum as I chased the silly girl around the hutch, into and out of the garden.  It was crazy – I was on one side, she was on the other.  We were doing that dance… to the left… to the right… I mean, really, she is supposed to be a guinea pig, right?  “Why?”  asks Bandicoot.  No sense of urgency, that boy, unless it is to do with something he wants.  Argh.

Eventually I thought I had her cornered, back in the garden, but she wiggled out of my grip that also included undergrowth and back through the fence.  My heart sank.

Did I mention our fence is barely standing?

I managed to get my head, one arm and one shoulder through the hole in the fence and see where she had backed herself into a hole with rocks behind her.  Aha!

One guinea pig to Mummy!  Roast guinea pig for dinner tonight.image

So I am a hero.  Or a heroine.  The guinea pig is home.  Everyone is happy.  Bandicoot still has no concept.

Seems all is right in the world.

Stinky Little Things.


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