Where is Advent?

My Pastor showed this really cool clip at Church yesterday.


Really cool Advent explanation for Busted Halo


I couldn’t help pondering this as I looked at our calendar this morning.  It is crazy, and we are having a fairly quiet Christmas.

Like I said to DH, I just don’t get it.  It is Advent.  Christmas does not start until the evening of the 24th.  Christmas goes until the 6th of January.  But not in our culture… oh no!  Christmas is over by Boxing Day here.  People think you are nuts if you have Christmas celebrations after that.

So what do we do to reassess and regroup?

I just don’t know.  It is so hard, living in the world we do.  Bandicoot has a Christmas concert tomorrow, even we do things like decorate in red and green during December.  The kids will even be hosting a craft party for their friends before Christmas.  How do we keep it all purple and pink?  *sigh*

I do try to celebrate the 12 days in some small way.  Remember our candles?  (Oh, um, I guess you don’t… I have just checked and it is one of the blog entries I lost in our travels across the country last December/January).  Well I will be doing them again.  And hopefully doing something with the song The Twelve Days of Christmas.  1+1+1=1 has some nice pages… (I will leave the Religious significance until the kids are a little older.)

One year I would really like to have a 12th Night Party.  The problem is that I am so wiped out with everything else that has happened by that stage that hosting a party is just too much for me at the moment.  Sad, isn’t it?

I guess all I can do is continue with our Advent devotions; try to carve some quiet, waiting time in the bustle of preparation and celebration, focus our eyes and our hearts on the true meaning of Christmas.


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3 Responses to “Where is Advent?”

  1. Seasonsgirl Says:

    Vantastic video… thanks for sharing it 🙂

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