Non Violent Boy

Possum is 6 years 8 months

I would say that Possum is a pretty normal 6yo kid.  He is a very sensitive soul (oh, okay, he is a HSP) but that doesn’t make him too freakish, I wouldn’t have thought.

He is like me.  He doesn’t like violence.  If one of his siblings is mucking up and I walk into the room he covers his ears and closes his eyes (am I that bad?)  He takes a lot to heart and we have to be careful about things he watches on tv.  Mind you, he is pretty good and vetting stuff himself these days.

Including movies we are given.

And including Lego.

Possum, being 6, is moving into Lego.  He loves building it.  Unfortunately, Lego is no longer an open-ended toy, otherwise he would have a wonderful time with it.

Possum is also a boy.  This means that people have certain expectations about you.  Like they should give you Ninjago and Transformers Lego.

Possum popped the ones he got for Christmas on the unopened stash from his birthday.

The other ones – the planes and trucks and goodness knows what – they were built in record time.

So I did a deal with him.  If he gave me the sets he didn’t want, I would buy him one that he did.



Much cooler, don’t you think?

Of course, you should see the size of the set he has his eye on for his birthday!


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