A Brand New Road

Possum is 6 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 6 months

Little Princess is 2 years


Early (okay, not early) on Saturday morning I had a doctor’s appointment.  It was just up the road, so it wouldn’t take long to get there.  I also thought it was at quarter past the hour, but I had cleverly told everyone it was ON the hour.  That gave me oodles of time to get there, right?


As I pull around the corner, ready to nip up to the highway, the traffic stopped.

And stopped.

Uh-huh.  They were digging up the road.

This gave me time to check my phone and discover that the appointment WAS on the hour, so I lost those extra fifteen minutes, too.  Oops.

But all was not lost.  I decided to give DH a buzz (no, NOT while I was driving) and suggest he take the kids for a walk.  Really, it was pretty cool stuff.

They were repairing such a long stretch of road (about 1km that morning) that you could see all the different steps involved from digging up the old road to finishing off the surface of the new.

Catching up to the front of the roadworks.


Check out Possum’s new scooter.  He is very impressed with it.

IMG_7115I love this pick of The Littles together


Sometimes they are just so sweet.  Oops.  I mean, check out that cool truck digging up the road that needs replacing!


A closer look at laying the new tar.

Oh, and just for the record, I wasn’t late for the doctor, either!


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