The Monday Group

Possum is 6 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 6 months

Little Princess is 2 years


Today we trialled a new homeschool group.  This is pretty much a social group for homeschoolers, sort of in our area, although from time to time courses and group discounts are organised through them.

Years ago, we did visit this group.  At the time, we weren’t really ready.  Also, there were a LOT of teenagers there at the time, and not many younger kids at all.

Now the group has a wider range of ages, although today, it was mostly the younger crowd that were there.

I was nervous about this.  I really want to find a homeschooling group.  It is nice to have some real-life support.  We have attended another group, but it just didn’t work out so well for us, despite us actually having friends in the group.  I don’t know if it was Possum’s mood, the layout of the park or what , but it was a painful experience.

Today was different.  The group was relaxed.  The kids are friendly, but much less intense than the other group.  Possum was nervous about going.  He was quite delighted when I said we could pick Bandicoot up from pre-school at lunchtime so that he could come, too.  (Poor Bandicoot is having a hard time settling in to preschool this year.  I thought that a short day today would do him no harm.)  By the end of the day he was playing well with all the kids and enjoying himself.

IMG_7119Nn-Noos!  You forgot your hat!



Even with a totally grotty face she is cute as can be.

IMG_7124Listening to the whir as the flying fox goes.

Gratuitous cuteness                              IMG_7126

IMG_7127Ready….IMG_7129 Go!

More gratuitous cuteness…


Ally-oop!   IMG_7138

IMG_7139Aah!  An action shot of Possum.  He would NOT go it for the longest time, but by the end of the day he was riding the flying fox standing up.

IMG_7140  A water monitor walking by…


Who then tried to hide up a tree…


This is why.  (Actually, I got Bandicoot to pose here so that you can see how big the lizard is.)

IMG_7147I tried to get a shot to show his amazing markings – they were spots near his back legs, rather than stripes.  This one shoes the pattern better, but you can’t see the colour so well.


A couple of the families are kite junkies.  Bandicoot was devastated that we didn’t have his kite with us.  One of the other Dads helped him to fly and box kite.  He loved it so much that it was almost consolation.



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