Australia Day 2013 (pic heavy)

Possum is 6 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 6 months

Little Princess is 2 years


This year, Australia Day fell on that all important day in our household – Croissant Day.  (On the last Saturday of the month, DH and the kids cycle down to the local bakery and buy croissants for breakfast.)

Just a little further down the road there was a community sausage sizzle for breakfast.  After much cajoling on my behalf, DH agreed to check it out.  Really, just how Australian are croissants?  And don’t talk to me about putting Vegemite on them….

Anyway, they returned full of excitement.  Bandicoot had caught and brought home this amazing bug:


And the kids had all been tattooed painted.


(And that slightly cool, slightly squished sausage sandwich they unexpectedly brought me?  It had bacon on it, too, and was super yummy.)

So, while Mummy and Daddy tried to relax a little after the strange weather, the kids amused themselves.  Yes, they are digging up the lawn.




You know what he did next, don’t you…

IMG_7190 DH pretending he is really ocker and catching up on the tennis.





Then we went in to the city.  Little Princess found herself a special seat on the train.


Her friend An-n-coot (Bandicoot, even though it is really a Bilby) came along.  An appropriate day for a Bandicoot to go out partying, yes?


Too exciting to sit down on the train – might miss something!



Oh – okay.  We’ll all sit down for lamingtons on Australia Day!


The stairs up onto the Harbour Bridge…


Cool pic, huh?

IMG_7225 Opera House

IMG_7226Fort Denison

IMG_7227Some boats flagged out for Australia Day

Checking it all out from the bridge IMG_7228

IMG_7231 Ice cream.  This is serious business – it is bigger than her!

William Bligh IMG_7235


Cadman’s Cottage.  The oldest surviving building in the country.  Possum was pretty fascinated by it, but couldn’t believe how small it was inside.



The Tank Stream is a freshwater stream that runs into Sydney Harbour.  It was because of this water source that the first European settlement was built here in 1788.  I am sure aboriginal children played in the stream a long time before that.  It still flows beneath the city today and sources these fountains.



And for dinner?  Harry’s damper, barbequed snags and a pav with green and gold fruit.

IMG_7257    IMG_7258


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