Grade One Minus Two Days

…or maybe five.

Possum is 6 years 8 months
Bandicoot is 4 years 6 months
Little Princess is 2 years

Tomorrow is a public holiday here for Australia Day.  I had planned to start school on Tuesday, thinking it was the day that schools went back.  I was mistaken on that one – they go back on Wednesday, but I thought that I would run with it anyway.

Possum, however, is adamant that school does not go back until 1st February.   He was (erroneously) told so by one of his mates. 


Actually, long term that could be a nice way for me to work it.

It is a point that I would be willing to negotiate, but, to be honest, Friday (which is the 1st), doesn’t work so well for me.  For one thing, Mainly Music, the Little Ones’ music group, starts again on Friday.  It takes a huge chunk out of the day, and, more specifically, the morning.  It makes for an awkward school day at the best of times, let alone for first day back.

Also, DH commented, “The excuses will be coming thick and fast”.   Really, not many kids are chomping at the bit to go back to school.  Even the weirdos like me, who, despite it all, loved school, loved holidays more.

To be perfectly honest, I still like school holidays more.  I love having the kids around.  I also love no art class, no music, no Playgroup, no swimming, no gymnastics, no Sunday school…  All that starts again this week, too.  Le sigh.

But apart from all of that, I would be happy for an extra couple of days to get organised.  As well as waiting for some supplies to arrive, I also need to get some stuff printed for lessons.  I want, amongst other things, to do a daily folder – a simple set of activities that are repeated every day as a little warm up to the day and honing a few skills.  The idea is that this becomes almost independent work.  I also want to do something similar for Bandicoot, but with different activities of course, in a quest to provide him with a more ‘stimulating environment’.

I had planned to get that organised, if not for the year, or even the term, at least for the first week or two, this weekend.  Until Little Princess killed the computer.  Oh, okay, not the whole computer.  The mouse.  Or maybe the mouse driver.  Whatever it is, the computer is useless and a locked vault is holding my printouts.  (Does that make them printins?). DH is not highly motivated to look into the matter.  It isn’t his work – he has enough of that at the office anyway.  Besides, he is quite happy to wait until Tuesday when he can bring home his spare mouse and try that out.  Eek! Tuesday night does not work so well for me.

So much for a nice controlled start to the year.

Of course, I could start coercive homeschooling this week.  You know, extra reading.  Activities from my maths cookbook. Bird-watching.  That sort of thing.  But it isn’t so much what he is doing that I am concerned with in the first few weeks, it is the discipline of schoolwork.

Maybe it will be Friday before we start.  Or next week.


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