Two Days in the Life…

Possum is 6 years 9 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 7 months

Little Princess is 2 years 1 month


IMG_7299 copy

It is only the second week of school for us, so it is awfully early to be doing a “Day in the Life” post, I know, but I am linking up with Jamie over at Simple Homeschool for her series.


We are no where near settled in to the year, yet.  And, gosh darn it!  Despite myself, we will be having some kind of rhythm to our weeks this year, I promise you.  Or I promise me.  We are also pretty much still only doing the basics at the moment.  More of the extras will fit in, or fit in in a more regular way or be fleshed out more, as the year goes by, but at the moment they are pretty basic, ad hoc or missing.

But here it is.


Trying to get homeschooling and Possum to get along, as well as get Bandicoot and Little Princess away from the tv can be quite a challenge, so this year I am trialling a new plan.  The bulk of our week’s work is done on Mondays and Tuesdays while Bandicoot is at preschool.  Then Thursday through Friday we do a little, just to keep the cogs ticking over and to keep Possum in the routine of doing schoolwork.  Great plan?

Yup, unless the dentist’s receptionist is not aware of this and makes an appointment on Monday at 10am.  (I am not blaming DH, the other party in the conversation, as he hadn’t been filled in on the plan.)

So on Monday, we worked with the flexibility of homeschool.

Possum (and then Bandicoot, who should have been getting ready for kindy) worked on his nature journal.  This took w-a-a-a-y longer than I had scheduled for it, but the end product was a beautiful piece of art work.  I need to remember to allow more time next time.

Then, as the lion’s share of the work hadn’t been touched, it was packed in a tote bag.

Readers in the car.  English (language arts) and maths in the waiting room while Daddy and then Mummy had a turn in the dentist’s chair.  Spelling and other sneaky educational conversations in the car to homeschool group.

Ah, yes.  Monday is homeschool group day.  This is proving to be a wonderful thing for us.  Possum is fitting in with the other kids brilliantly and I am really enjoying the other parents.  There are even a group of 2yos for Little Princess.  It is just a really good fit.  The only two problems seem to be that it is on Bandicoot’s kindy day and it would be great for him to join us; and remembering the time so we get home before Tuesday.


We even managed to sneak in a bit of practical maths with a helpful kiosk lady providing maths problems for Possum when he wanted to buy a snack.




Tuesday was a more conventional (and hard core) school day.  We managed to get through loads of work, which was great because it frees up the rest of the week for stuff that is more fun (painting, craft, swimming, stories, music and lots of playing)

It was not an early start – Possum was exhausted from a fun afternoon in the sun the day before, so it felt like it took more of the day than it should, but we got there.

Bible: I like to start the day with Bible, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  Today we discussed the presentation in the temple and the feast of Candlemas.  This lead onto all sorts of interesting conversations about the dangers of childbirth.  It is always amazing how these conversations turn.

Catechism: We started Catechism today with a “chapter” on God the Father.  It is sad that I have so little confidence in my own faith, but it is comforting to be teaching using a curriculum for this.

Maths is always fun, we are such “number” people in this family.  We did a lesson from Miquon Red Book on odd and even numbers (and played with Unifex blocks.  It seems that my anti-manipulative boy is enjoying manipulatives this year!)  This was followed by some 2D geometry from a Mathletics workbook (Guess what!  More manipulatives!) and finally some work on vertical addition.

English: We continued working on our current reader from Fitzroy, as well as the matching worksheets.  We completed a level in All About Spelling (yay, Daddy!  I got a spelling award!) and have begun a review (I think it will take about a term) on his Magic Words sight words from last year.

Some serious trampoline time was needed by now.  And a MotoGP race enacted with his model bikes.

We started work on an Angry Birds anger management unit (from Keri at The Home Teacher), too.  Possum is mad about Angry Birds, and we could all use some help with our anger management around here!

Finally, there was some mental down time while we watched the Disney version of  “The Jungle Book” (again).  DH is reading a kids’ version of this book to the boys at bedtime and they are loving it.  They keep begging to watch the movie over and over again.  Good thing it is a childhood favourite for me, too!  By evening the house was abounding in 3D paper crafts of Bagheer, Sheer Khan and Baloo.

And then it was time for art class!  Possum does art lesson’s once a week with the mother of one of his friends, who is both an artist and an art teacher.

*Phew* what a busy day!


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