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A Prayer for Christmas Eve

December 25, 2013

This was the closing prayer at tonight’s Christmas vigil at our Church.

A new baby.  A little person, tiny fragile, dependant, vulnerable.

Anyone who has really sat with a baby knows the wisdom amidst that vulnerability; the loving openness in their need to absorb; the acceptance of who we are; the ability to be with us.

A new baby.  A person who will grow like us.  To experience awe and wonder and delight.  To experience pain and loss and disappointment.

A wondrous God.  More mighty and awesome than His entire creation.  Powerful and everlasting!

And yet, a wondrous God who knows what it is like to be awe-inspired, humbled.  Who knows what it is like to be vulnerable, scared, disappointed.  Happy and sad.  Loved and alone.

A wondrous God who knows what it is like to be me.

My intimate Saviour, waiting for me to come and be still; to gaze upon Him quietly; ready to fill me gently with wonder and love, of only I’ll take the time to hold this new baby in my heart.

Thank you, Jesus, for coming to us this Christmas.  Thank you for coming into our broken lives; for unwrapping the gifts of our broken hearts; for delighting even in our broken dreams.  Thank you for knowing us intimately, each and every one.

We pray this Christmas that we will fully unwrap the gift of the life you have given each of us.  Not just peek under the wrapping and be disappointed with the bits that don’t match our dreams, but really unwrap it all and discover it as the perfect gift from You – a vulnerable person, our wondrous God; our Intimate Saviour who knows us so well and still loves us anyway.

Lord Jesus, you were there in the beginning and you re here now.  Come into our lives forever.  We ask this in your own sweet name.

A Blessed Christmas to you all.