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Flare-Up, Remission, Flare-Up

June 2, 2016

Possum is 10 years

Bandicoot is 7 years 10 months

Little Princess is 5 years 5 months


Do you remember this?

This year it has coincided with a health upset for me.  I have had a rather significant “arthritic flare-up” in my knees.  We do not know what caused it.  We do not know if it will happen again.  We do know it is less than pleasant.  There has been extreme pain involved, a lot of fear as I was tested for any number of things, and a LOT of inconvenience as I have been almost crippled for weeks or months at a time.  (For quite a while I could barely move from bed to lounge, let alone get down the two steps at the front of the house to go outside.)

That was back in 2014.  It started almost exactly 2 years ago.  In the end the episode took almost eight months to completely leave my system.

Remission (I still hate that word, even though it means such good things) lasted approximately 10 months.

Although a 10-12 month remission may well be all I can expect, and certainly a lot more than many others in my condition, eight months for an episode is a long time.  Not only does it take a long time for my CrP levels to drop, but the chronic pain means it takes an even longer time for me to recover full use of my body.

This cycle is in a very scary pattern.

And those two steps are such a killer!


**Spinal inflammatory disease also effects the pelvis, hips and knee joints.