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Playgroup Craft – Valentines

February 12, 2012

Possum is 5 years 9 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 7 months

Little Princess is 1 year 1 month (13 months)


Most weeks we attend a playgroup for 0-5 year olds.  Each week one family brings morning tea for everyone and another brings a craft activity for any of the kids who would like to do it.

Craft is my thing.  I can prepare it before hand.  I have enough trouble getting our mob into the car and there on time without having to cut up fruit and bake muffins!  Fortunately, some of my playgroup friends love doing this and would hate to do craft.

Playgroup craft is aimed at approximately 2.5yos, but there are kids much older and much younger in the group, too.

This week I am doing a Valentine’s Day craft.


Now I have done collage activities with my kids before for Valentine’s Day, and have happily cut out hearts, hearts and more hearts freehand, but this time, I wanted them all the same shape so that they would go together nicely.  My first idea was to try and find some cookie cutters (er, I mean biscuit cutters, DH!) and trace them.  Then I had a much smarter idea – I found a heart template.

It is more than I would spend if I was doing this activity just at home, but as I was making 30 sets of these for playgroup, it seemed worthwhile!

Then I had the clever idea of using one of those shape cutters.  I couldn’t find one in the shops easily (always the way, isn’t it?  I am sure that I have seen them everywhere previously!) and I convinced myself it was a luxury, anyway.  On the off chance I asked my friend Sam-O if she had one.  I am so glad that she does, even if I might need to buy her a new blade.

I am linking to this tutorial, because the written instructions had me going crazy.  It is, however, really super-dooper easy to use.


Soooo…. back to the craft.

Cut out your hearts in various colours and sizes.  (I used cheap wrapping paper, mostly.)


 IMG_3784 IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 

Have your compulsive counter count the total number of hearts over and over and in various ways, just for a bit of fun…


Gather a set of hearts of each size.  Here you can do a sorting exercise if you want with the kids or you can just do craft – they sort them anyway, even if you don’t do it formally.

Glue them one on top of the other, from largest to smallest.  (Note- it is less messy to put the glue on the back of the top piece rather than on the front of the bottom piece.)





So now you can leave it as it is, write a message on the back, punch a hole and thread a ribbon, stick it on the front of a blank card….

Happy Valentine’s Day with the Little Ones.

Craft School…

July 25, 2011


Possum is 5 years and 2 months

Bandicoot is 3 years

Little Princess is 6 months


Homeschool is taking a new turn this week.  We have been working away on alphabet based studies and activities but I think we have reached burn out on them at the moment.  What is the point of preschool if it is no fun?

So, after much grumbling about “R is for Rainbow” (I was trying to wish away a week of heavy rain), I had a rethink.

Our life is steeped in Octonauts at the moment.  The boys love anything undersea (what a good thing we took a yearly membership to the Aquarium!)  So, I decided, how about a bit of undersea fun?

I had planned to make some undersea creatures, and to make a back drop using multiple painting methods on a sheet of cardboard.  Really, what is more fun than that?  Well, it appears, running around the craft supply shop purchasing lots of items once they catch wind of what Mummy is up to!

That was one awfully expensive sheet of cardboard!

The boys are completely inspired, ‘though, and I was impressed with some of the ideas that they had.  (I even got a couple of ideas to put in my “craft for playgroup” folder.)

And, as for my now 5yo who has very little interest in fine motor activities at preschool – well he has had a blast today using a hot-glue gun (Mummy hovering and trying not to freak out) to make a pom-pom stingray.

Cherry Trees

September 20, 2010

Possum is 4 years and 4 months

Bandicoot is 2 years and 2 months

Around here there are lots of ornamental cherry trees.  These trees are bare all winter and then in spring blossom in a gorgeous display of pink or white.

Over a period of a few weeks, I took the boys around the area to watch some of them.  They were fascinated to watch the change.

We did this simple craft to celebrate:

The Very Busy Spider

September 20, 2010

Possum is 4 years and 4 months

Bandicoot is 2 years and 2 months

We love this book.  The boys love bugs and insects and creepy crawlies.  I love the way you can feel the spider’s web all the way through the book.  I have previously borrowed this book from the library and this time we borrowed it from a friend, but it is definitely on my wish list.

As I was setting up, Bandicoot discovered my basket…

Apparently I was taking too long to move on to the interesting stuff…

We made these little spiders – inspired by Mama Jenn.  Unfortunately, the legs didn’t stick on with the craft glue we had, so we added some tape “until the glue dried”.

That night I used a bit of Mummy Magic (also known as a hot glue gun in this case) and attached them more permanently.

And the other problem with using pipe-cleaners (er, sorry, chenille sticks as we are supposed to call them now)?  When you stand them on a hard surface and bump them, they make a rather skin crawling sound.  (Admittedly, they sound a good deal more like cockroaches than spiders, but even so…)

Did I mention how much I HATE spiders?  They really scare me.  Pictures, toys – any of them.  I justify myself because we live in a red-back and Sydney funnel-web area, but really they all give me the heeby-jeebies!

But I digress…

I prepared a magic painting for the boys before hand.  I used a white oil pastel to draw spider webs on a piece of white paper.  They then used watered down paint to make the webs show up.  This is possum working hard on his, with his little spider keeping him company.

And this is one of the finished webs:

I was a little disappointed with they way the web showed.  Maybe I should have used tempura paint instead.  However, when we held them against the window, they looked pretty good.

We had quite a discussion about HOW spiders build webs.  I had done a bit of research on this, which was scary business, because you just never knew when you were going to stumble on a picture of a spider.  I found it really fascinating, ‘though.  I was also pleased to see that the pictures in the book were pretty accurate – the drift thread first, then anchor threads, then the radials, (then there was supposed to be the spiral guide thread) and finally the (argh!  Can’t remember the correct name) the threads that go round and round.

Other interesting facts that we learnt:

The distance between the concentric circles is determined by the length of the spider’s legs.  That means that little spiders can catch little bugs and big spiders can catch big bugs.

A webbing spider has three spinerettes (the things that make web).  They have one type for the drift thread and anchor threads.  Another type to build the web and finally a third type for wrapping up their prey.  Cool, huh?

So, using our knowledge about how a spider’s web is built, we drew one in chalk on the driveway (wow, it used a lot of chalk!)

Can you see the blue cross on there?  Possum drew that, because he wanted the spider “to know all about Jesus and how He loves him and how He died to save him”.  I guess the Christian education is sinking in!

We then used the web to play spider and flies.  I thought we might take turns at this, but it is much more fun apparently if it is Mummy spider.

The boys buzzed around the yard and then “got caught” in the web.  Here you can see two little flies waiting to be eaten:

I then had to tip-toe carefully around the web to reach them, wrap them up and eat them.  They thought this was the best game ever!

A couple of days later, we had a lesson on the transience of spiders’ webs.  It rained and washed our web off the driveway, just like what happened to all the real spiders webs out there.

Given my, ahem, lack of affection for the subject matter, I really enjoyed this unit with the boys.

Christmas Paper

September 18, 2010

Possum is 4 years and 4 months

Bandicoot is 2 years and 2 months

The boys were helping Mummy get a head start on the Christmas season by decorating our Christmas paper.  We try to do something like this each year, but given the kid’s ages it is a little repetitive at the moment.  No one cares, ‘though – it is messy and lots of fun.

I use a roll of drawing paper and this year we got some Christmas stampers.  I usually find that the paint stamp pads are a great thing to use.

Of course, I wasn’t counting on Bandicoot and his special gift for making a mess.  There are quite a few multi coloured foot prints on that paper, too!  That boy can make a mess in anything – I have never met anyone like him.  He certainly leaves us in awe.

And if you are a male in my DH’s family for anywhere in the three living generations at least, some things are just more important.

Mr McGregor’s Garden

September 14, 2010

Possum is 4 years 3 months

Chicken is 4 years 1 month


This is a craft activity that we enjoyed after reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

I drew up a walled garden and we made several copies of it for the boys. Then we let them loose with garden and flower stickers so that they could make their own gardens.

These are the two that we did at home. I love the way Possum has put a motorbike in the shed. Really, anyone who knows us realises that motorbikes feature in most learning experiences.

You can also see how much Chicken was into this activity at the time!

However, this is Chicken’s second picture.  We all went out for a coffee one Saturday morning and I had a few garden and sticker sets in my bag. He sat there for ages producing this one – he really loved doing it! All about the timing.